Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Keeping in contact with an extended family.

Hi to the family and all our many friends.

I live in Norway, and because we have a very large extended family there are many others that also live or work in lands other than the one that we originated from. I can't answer for anybody else but I find it increasingly difficult to keep up with who is who.

I would dearly love to be able to put some faces to the many names that I hear of from time to time. There are also many of us that are unable to travel to all the small impromptu or large family gatherings but would like to see the results of them.
I would also love to see some photos of where people live (it's always nice to be able to have a setting). As the years go by the family is not only growing in size but also age, updates of the "children" would be fun.

I thought/hoped that maybe this could be a way that we all could stay in contact. The side is open for all to insert there photos, comments, ideas, feelings, greatings and/or whatever else is on your mind at the moment. For it to work though will take some time and effort from respective familys.

Hope to hear from you, possitive or negitive just so long as there is some contact.


emmalewis said...

Hi Rob, great to hear from you and fantastic picture :-) Nick and I have been sayor sometime it would be great to have some sort of blog to keep in touch with people so well done! We will happily stay in touch. Lots of love, Emma, Nick and Molly x

alek said...

cool rob, you bought into the phenomena... could be fun

Zoe and Matt said...

My God you were bored these last few weeks of sickness!! But great idea.

Who is going to Ilsa's in the summer? Matt, Morgan, me and Dad are all going. It would be great to see everyone after all this time. So come on gang lets pull out all the stops. Love Zoe and Matt x x